August 30, 2008

meet at bukit batok or jurong east station to pay money. i cant go other stations as im a busy student. so please be understanding. thanks!


one dollar sales

August 30, 2008

60 cents each, or $1 for both.

price is $1

$1 each

$1 too

$1 again

$1 for one

see the original price. of cos cant be sold at $1 right. letting it go at $22. almost half the original price.

all for $1

50 cents each

cute hongbaos. only for a dollar. theres 4 in one packet.

original price is $12.90 as shown in the price tag. selling at only $7.

$1 for it


priced at $1.50 each only. designs of the paper in each notebook can be found below.

if interested to buy any of the above items, kindly leave a comment or email

only can meet at 2 mrt stations. jurong east and bukit batok. sorry for that as i am a busy student. feel free to raise any queries you have by leaving a comment. thanks alot 🙂